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Top Ways to Make Your Candle Burn Cleaner and Brighter!

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There is nothing like lighting a fresh new candle that will fill your space with a comforting scent and warm light. While you watch the flame surround the wick with light, do you wonder how you can ensure the candle remains in tip-top shape each time you light it? That way you can repeat the soothing experience of setting the mood in your home with the same candles for a longer time.

It’s actually not a complicated process and throughout this post, we will list some common questions and provide practical tips to keep your favourite candles burning perfectly!

  1. You might be wondering what does proper candle care achieve?

 Simply, this will allow the candles to burn cleaner, longer and brighter; meaning it will expel less soot and residue. As well, effective candle care will help your candles last an estimated 30% longer, and not to mention, look better on your counter.

  1. How do you take better care of candles?

We recommend trimming the wick to 1.4” prior to burning each time. This will keep the flame shorter, allowing the candle to burn cooler, avoiding black smoke and too quick burning times. No one wants to see black smudges on the inside of their favourite candle!

  1. When the candle is lit, is there anything you should be mindful of?

Ensure that the candle burns long enough that the melted wax pool reaches the edge of the vessel each time (we suggest a minimum of two hours). This is part of efficient use of resources – the candle utilizes all its fuel for maximum burning time and helps to avoid tunnelling.

  1. Even if I’m in the same room as the candle, how long should I let it burn?

Don’t leave a candle lit for more than 4 hours and of course, don’t leave a lit candle unattended! This is to ensure proper burning and avoid overheating of the candles

  1. Any tips or tricks on trimming and extinguishing candles?

Yes! We recommend our accessory kits that assist with the trimming of wicks and extinguishing your candles correctly and extending the life of your candles. 

With these tips, you now have some solid basics on candle care. If you have any questions about the above, drop them in the comments below; we would be happy to answer any lingering questions.

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