Tav Studio X Canvas Candle Co


Our second collaboration with Tav Studio is now live. Promo codes and discounts do not apply to this product.

Clean. Uniform. Modern. Those were the words this collection was designed around. True to CANVAS style and form, we wanted clean lines, a balanced uniform feel and a sophisticated modern element for this collaboration.

Tanvi of Tav Studio took our vision and, as always, transformed it into this beautiful hand thrown pottery. Created with raw natural porcelain, the candle flame will glow through the vessel, illuminating the hand carved detail of the piece beautifully.

Once you have burned through this candle, simple clean it out to repurpose around your home, or contact us to refill it for you. This vessel is meant to be used and loved for years to come after you've used your candle. Glazed with food safe glaze so it can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and is safe for plants.

Candle Details: 
- 13oz candle
- Burn time up to 70 hrs
- Single Wick 
- Available in all scents

Size is approx : 4.5” tall by 3.5” wide 

Scent Descriptions:
Sister Sister - rum, lavender, berry must
Best Coast - evergreen, cedarwood, vetiver
Twilight - fig, almond, blackberry, amber
Fireside - white amber, myrrh, cedar bark, clove
Woodland - Vanilla, Cedarwood, Sandalwood
VACAY - coconut, pineapple, sweet basil
Spa Samui - cucumber, lemongrass 
Slow Sunday - espresso, mayan chocolate, cardamom
Ember - vanilla, cedar ember, nutmeg
D'Anjou - poached pear, cinnamon, ginger

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