5 (more) Ways to Reuse Candle Vessels

When Caylen, our founder, needed to change our 8oz vessel from the mason jar candle (who remembers these?!) to our Signature frosted glass vessel with cork lid, she had two main priorities:

1. Must be aesthetically pleasing in any home-no matter the home decor style

2. Must be reusable in a tasteful and durable way

She nailed it! 

If you haven't checked out this blog post listing 10 ways to reuse our candle vessels- go take a look. But, we have more to share! 

We get asked all the time "how do I reuse my candle vessel once it's done?", so we thought we'd share 5 (more) ways to reuse our glass candle vessels.


1. Fill with loose leaf tea

2. Keep a collection on your kitchen counter filled with truffle salt, peppercorns and other seasonings you use often.

Reusable candle vessel filled with salt

3. Store your floss sticks so you can see them and use them more often 

4. Car jar! These vessels fit perfectly into your car's cup holders. They're great to store coins, hair ties, snacks, keys, etc.)

5. Window sill seedlings/herbs

We'd love to hear how you've reused our signature candle vessels. Tell us your favourite way to reuse these in the comments below. 


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