A LETTER FROM CAYLEN: Signature Candle Price Increase

As an extremely important part of our community, I would like to inform you that effective Tuesday, August 15th, 2023 we will be increasing the price of our Signature Candles from $32 to $34

We, like many small businesses are doing our very best to keep our prices low, supply chain ethical, ingredients pure and clean as possible, our values true and our staff compensated with a living wage. We've been trying to hold off on this price increase for as long as possible, but inevitably with the rise in cost of ingredients, materials, shipping, and labour we can not hold off any longer.

This increase will be reflected in our Signature Candles only. This includes Trios and Bundles, as well as any Gift Boxes that include a Signature Candle. This does not include our Gold Tins, Ritual Candles, perfumes or accessories.

We can't thank you enough for your ongoing support and appreciate your understanding of these changes. It truly means the world to me, my team and our families. 

Order before August 15th 2023 to take advantage of the current Signature Candle price before the increase.

SHOP HERE: https://www.canvascandleco.com/collections/signature-collection


Caylen and the Canvas Candle Co team

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