Ritual Collection: Gold Tin Tealight Sample Pack


TRY BEFORE YOU BUY FULL SIZE with our Ritual Collection Gold Tin Tealight Sample Pack. This sample pack contains one tealight size of each scent (EOS, SOL, NOX, LUNA) so you can try each scent in your home. 

EOS - rosewood, bergamot, cassis
SOL - tobacco, honeycomb, mandarin
NOX - palo santo, coconut, grapefruit
LUNA - tonka, teakwood, leather

* Note the scent samples are 1oz soy candles with approx. burn time of 2 hours each
** While these are candles, the scent throw will not be as strong as full size candles when burning due to the limited size.

Discount codes do not apply to this item
*Scent Sample Packs are shipped letter mail with Canada Post and may take up to 10 business day to arrive. No tracking is provided. 

LIMIT OF ONE (1) PER CUSTOMER as these are just a way to experience our scents to help you decide which ones you like most. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Strong scent throw!

The fragrance is really nice and has a strong scent throw. I loved the packaging and overall look of the sample pack.

So happy to hear this. Thanks so much for your review. We're grateful for your support Harpreet. -Adrian

Incredible scents!

I just can’t choose one!

Thank you Lucy! We offer a bundle of the Ritual Candles at 15% off if that helps any. ;)

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