BEHIND THE SCENTS: The Retreat Collection Spring/Summer 2023

Escape into your own blissful retreat with three new scented soy candles this Spring/Summer! Reminiscent of tropical getaways and restorative experiences, the Retreat Collection connects a sense of ease – often met through life’s most meaningful adventures – to the itinerary of daily life. 

Your scent-adventure begins with vibrant notes drifting underneath the nose, and lingering through memories of the days ahead. This is your moment to take it all in and embark on your journey, whether its through a little rest & relaxation on your own, a breathtaking view or a shared moment just before your greatest leap.

This Spring/Summer 2023 Collection symbolizes connection to the moments that allow us to retreat within and out into the world.

The Retreat Collection launches March 7th, 2023! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom-right of our website to be the first to BURN THE GOOD CANDLES this Spring. 



Lemongrass + Neroli

Bungalow Soy Candle in bedroomThrough the flowing sun-seeped curtains in the morning, short gazes upward from your favourite pastime, or as your feet are whisked off the ground amongst the breeze of a hand-tied hammock – Bungalow creates an uplifting, laid back minimalism to your space. This citrus-floral soy candle is the perfect scent-escape all season long.



Melon + Coconut Cream

Horizon Soy Candle

That first night of a long overdue vacation.

The ever-changing colours as the sun sets into the horizon.

The fragrant landscape that you want to bottle up and take home.

The sight of your tropical-garnished drink heading to your table-then that first sip. Mmmm!

That’s Horizon; tropical fruit notes blended lightly together to create pure joy in the form of a candle.



Peony, White Rose & Champagne

Estate Champagne soy candle

Estate invites a celebratory ‘toast’ as you raise your glass of pink champagne to the collection of moments that whisk you away. 

The heirloom-inspired notes of peonies, white garden roses and lychee compliments the warm notes of amber; giving this scent a soft, yet modern approach to life’s greatest adventures. 


Which scent has you dreaming of your next retreat? Tell us in the comments below and be sure to sign up for our newsletter here


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