Benefits of Having Candles in Your Space

Candles are fun, look good and smell good, but there's actually a lot more to these little pieces than you might think. 

At Canvas Candle Co, we are really into visuals. To set the mood for this blog, imagine a room bathing in a candlelight glow; what feelings come to mind? Popular answers include calm, warmth, safety, romance and relaxation. Who doesn’t want to experience those types of feelings?! 

So, what can having candles in your space specifically do for you?

Invoke ritual

Candles can help set the mood, and with that comes an immense opportunity to practice consistent rituals with specific candles at different times of the day. Candles can be a tool to help you commit to your self-care practices, a visual reminder that your time and rituals are a sacred act. More on this to come soon…..(big hint), but for now start using your candles as a vessel for your self-care practices.

Benefits of Having Candles in Your Space

Trigger memories

As we talked about in our previous blog, scents are closely linked to memory. Armed with that information, you can make intentional choices about scents in your space to induce different memories. Whether you need a summer's day on a cold winter night or the hug of a distant loved one, you have the power with your candles to teleport anywhere, anytime. 

Benefits of Having Candles in Your Space

Improve mood

Scented candles come with the power of aromatherapy. Certain scents can increase serotonin levels, which can bring about feelings of happiness. Life has its ups and downs, and if you need a pick-me-up, a candle can be a great way to reroute a lousy day. 

Benefits of Having Candles in Your Space

Soothe the Nervous System

A room with candles is a sensory dream. Bright artificial light and blue lights emitted from electronics negatively affect our natural rhythms. The flicker of a candle and the warm glow emitted is a much healthier alternative. It can also serve as a beautiful nightcap to promote sleep hygiene as you wind down for the night.

Benefits of Having Candles in Your Space

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