BEHIND THE SCENTS: Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

Filling your cup with something warm – whether it's with your favourite hot beverage or immersing yourself into a candle-lit moment of self reflection – reconnects you to a place of comfort and retreat to the tune of falling leaves and the crisp, cold air. 

This Fall / Winter 2022 Collection symbolizes comfort with clean-burning scents that embrace modern nostalgia and timeless traditions.

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Collection launches September 13th, 2022.


Petite Grey

Black Tea + Lavender 

Petite Grey pours a sense of solitude into the colder months of the season with notes of earl grey and black loose leaf tea  topped with notes of lavender. 
This London Fog inspired soy candle invites serene moments with oneself to retreat and reconnect. 
Person sitting on couch holding mug of tea with candle burning in foreground.


Smoked Apple + Mulling Spices

Ciderhouse brings an element of the outdoors in, as it is layered with a blend of smoke, sweet spice, and crisp, zesty fruit. Shared traditions filled with love and laughter come to light through the flicker of the flame and will surely become a nostalgic scent for years ahead.


Toasted Almond + Cream

Freshly-baked notes of toasted almonds blended with a warm cream will drift throughout the house in preparation for the arrival of family and friends – that's Amaretti.  Based on the Italian cookie, Amaretti, this soy candle symbolizes the pleasure of eating, gathering and connecting with loved ones in a well-loved space. 


Bourbon Pumpkin Two-Wick Soy Candle

This pumpkin-scented candle is just what you need to get all set up for "Candle Season" this year. With over 60 hours of burn time, this clean-burning soy candle will surely last from your first Pumpkin Spice Latte to your last!

Which one of these Fall scented candles gets you most excited for #CANDLESEASON?

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