Canvas Candle Co Journey Into Existence

The journey to becoming a successful business is never a linear path, but our founderCaylen, has a passion that is simply unmatched and unwavering. 

Canvas Candle Co first started when Caylen was attending local markets around town. She noticed that there was a gap in the offerings. There were either beautiful candles or healthy/non-toxic candles but not the combination of both. 

Caylen set off on a quest to combine the two and thus birthed Canvas Candle Co. The name comes from the ability that candle makers have when using a clean wax base, like soy, to create infinite possibilities. Similar to a blank canvas for artwork, soy wax can shape-shift and take on new life depending on what you mix into it and the combinations you play with. Caylen has always been a fan of a clean lifestyle and had an innate appreciation for beauty based on years in the fashion industry and creative genes in her family, so the merging of these two worlds was completely in her wheelhouse. 

Canvas Candle Co started as a creative outlet with a small goal of attending local markets throughout the season to share with customers that they can have the best of both worlds (beautiful and clean) in their candles. 

As Caylen started connecting with customers’ stories and reasons for buying, her creative outlet exploded into a full-on passion. There was a need, and Caylen had the drive to provide people with clean candles that would fit seamlessly into their homes, memories and celebrations. Ask Caylen what keeps her motivated, and she will, without a doubt, say the customer’s stories. 

Canvas Candle Co has become more than a business; it’s a tool that Caylen and her customers use to connect. Connect with themselves, the ones they love, and their sacred spaces. 

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