How to Create A Self Care Retreat at Home

Spring's weather in Canada is always a bit iffy (especially this year!).

If you're not frolicking in the muddy tulip fields or running from awning to awning to avoid the sudden downpour, you're probably like us... curled up inside with a candle burning waiting for the next glimpse of sunshine to stream through your curtains.

Here at Canvas Candle Co, our team is all about being resourceful and turning lemons into lemonade-or in our case, turning soy wax into beautifully scented soy candles. 

Here's how to turn your space into a Self Care retreat this Spring-even if its raining.

1. Play music that reminds you to move and connect.  Letting calm and uplifting music play in the background keeps the energy around the house feeling good. Move your body to the music and let it allow you to feel present with every beat.

We've created a laid-back playlist on Spotify that will make you feel as though you're walking out onto the pool deck of your favourite tropical destination.


2. Add tropical fruit to your breakfast, lunch or snack to give brighten up your plate and your home. Placing whole pineapple, melon and kiwis in a bowl on the countertop encourages you to reach for a healthy snack and instantly evokes vacation-resort vibes. Adrian, our marketing manager, likes to cut up various tropical fruits to make a "fruit-cuterie" board for a colourful twist on the overly trendy cheese and meat board.


3. Scent the mood with spring scented, clean-burning soy candles-of course! Scent has a powerful effect on how you connect with a space. So lighting a bright and uplifting scented candle like Horizon, Bungalow or Estate can instantly transform a day at home in your own space. 


4. Connect and reset. Create a space within your home that will be your "retreat sanctuary". Whether it's your bed, your couch, or a spot on the floor where the daylight hits just right...make it yours. Add flowers, soy candles and maybe a good book or journal. Take this time to be present without the distraction of your phone or tv. If you doze off, great! If you being to daydream - let it be. But remember to focus on the connection to your mind and body during this time.


Let this inspire you to treat yourself to a relaxing at-home retreat this Spring. Make sure to tag us  by using our handle (@canvascandleco) or #BURNTHEGOODCANDLES in your social media posts and stories. We'll be sure to share!

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