Why Soy Candles are a better option for you (and the environment!)

Soy candles have become more popular in Canada the last few years, but not all soy candles are created equal.
Let's dive into why soy candles are better for you, your family and the environment; and what to look for when buying better-for-you candles. 


Soy is a renewable, biodegradable resource. When grown and produced ethically from a reputable North American brand, soy wax should be vegan, non-gmo and meets safety regulations and standards. 
We always suggest asking the candle maker to confirm where their wax is from and how it is produced to ensure the quality. 
Sustainable soy candles


Unfortunately, not all mainstream companies use soy as its purest form in their soy candles. Artificial dyes, toxic fillers, and even blends of paraffin (a petroleum, coal and oil product!) are often added to 'mainstream' candles with the label "SOY CANDLE". When you burn these household candles in your home, they fill the air with the molecules listed, and well, it's not great for our bodies to say the least. 

Many other candle companies use fillers and other petroleum-based wax to save on costs (soy's price fluctuates on supply and demand), and shelf life. This is why you can purchase a large candle for under $10, with a strong scent at a discount home store chain.  


We commit to using 100% pure soy wax because it burns cleaner, safer and will last 30% longer than other comparable waxes. We only use soy wax that has been grown and produced within North America. This allows us to ensure that our wax meets all the North American health and safety regulations and standards. Learn more here. 

Sustainable soy candles made in canada

Vegetable wax-based candles such as soy and coconut, are made without toxins, pollutants or carcinogens (if shopping from a transparent and ethical company, of course). As a vegetable-based wax, soy wax doesn't give off harmful pollutants when burning--THANKFULLY! 

Since soy is a natural product it can expand and decrease depending of temperature, vary in colour and not have as long as a shelf life as a chemical-based wax. This should not affect the quality of the burn time or safety of the candle.  Soy wax won't have much of a smell. Once its melted soy wax is yellow, but once cured will be a white or off-white colour.
sustainable soy candles
Always read the product's ingredients on the packaging or on the website of the company you purchase your soy candles from. If they do not have a transparent list of ingredients, reach out to the company to make sure that the soy candles you're buying in your home are clean and safe for you, your family and your pets. 

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