International Women's Day: Amplifying the women around us

Whether she’s a woman from the same bloodline or someone you had an instant connection with over coffee, sisterhood often bonds through a similar connection, admiration for one another and support exchanged throughout a relationship. What better time than International Women's Day to acknowledge and amplify the women in your life who inspire you most. 

It’s no surprise that Sister Sister was the first scent that Canvas founder, Caylen created back in 2016 from the kitchen of her home. Inspired by her sister, Shanon, who Caylen says “embodies everything that sisterhood represents”, Sister Sister advocates for women supporting women–and that's exactly what Shanon did when Caylen was exploring her next move toward entrepreneurship. 

Sister Sister Signature Candle is a symbol of women empowering one another through sisterhood, so this International Women's Day till March 12th, 2022 we are donating 15% of proceeds from all Sister Sister products to Dress For Success Canada Foundation. 

Shanon Kennedy 

Shanon is a kick-ass real estate agent on Vancouver Island, and never fails to check in with Caylen to lend a supportive ear. Everyone needs a “Shanon” in their life.

Tanvi of TAV Ceramics

Tanvi is a Vancouver-based ceramic artist who is fueled by drive, ambition and passion for design–and it shows in every timeless piece she creates in her studio. We have admired Tanvi and all that she stands for since meeting her at a local craft market in BC a few years ago. It's hard not to be inspired by her inviting charisma and vulnerable approach to life and business. 

Tanvi has created 4 custom candle vessels for Canvas throughout the years -which are always sought after amongst the community. Thank you Tanvi, for constantly inspiring and supporting us!

Angela-White Fox Collective

Caylen’s IRL bestie for over 20+ years! Angela began White Fox Collective around the same time Canvas Candle Co was founded, and the two bff’s started their journey of business ownership side by side. Angela has always been that safe place Caylen can depend on for supportive advice– in life and in business. Caylen is constantly inspired by the way “she navigates motherhood, her work-life balance and business with a candid approach to life.”

Thank you Angela for being one of our biggest supporters! I couldn't have done life without you!-Caylen

Judy Dill of Life is Better at Home

Judy shares her passion for creating a beautiful and welcoming space through the details of her brand, Life Is Better At Home. When you are around Judy (and even as you scroll her Instagram), her warm and sincere presence instantly lifts you to a comforting place. She inspires us to rethink how we use our space and focus on the little moments that bring joy into the home.  

Judy and Caylen met at a local show back in 2020 when Judy decided to lean into her brand full time. Its been exciting to watch her brand flourish the last few years as she’s grown her business.

Sierra Harris-Birch Hill Studio

When we think of the ultimate advocate for Canadian, women-owned brands, Sierra of Birch Hill Studio/Haus of Birch is first to pop up. This self-proclaimed “kick ass-boss birch” and proud Metis woman, advocates for women to be themselves. No cookie-cutter vibe here! So its no surprise that her Vernon BC-based shop (and online presence) is one-of-a-kind. 

Sierra inspires us to always stay curious, support Canadian women, have fun with business, and as SIerra would say…. show up as our best f***ing self. 

Emily of Crooked Crown

Emily of Crooked Crown Boutique inspires us with her strong core values of connection, community and inclusivity-not only in her business but also her daily life.  She is a huge supporter of female-led, founded, and owned Canadian brands and we’re honoured to be on her shelves.
Within just 2 years as a retailer, Emily has empowered us as one that never hesitates to build up other women in business. Thank you Emily, for being a supportive retailer and friend! 

Ryley of Laid Back Snacks

Ryley, Co-founder of Laid Back Snack is an amazing Vancouver business owner who has changed the game for healthy snacking-especially for our little Canvas team! She has leveraged her business as a force of good in the world and makes an impact through their actions (AND, they are Climate Neutral certified)! We are constantly inspired to watch her manage business and motherhood with such grace.

Thank you Ryley for always offering a positive perspective on business and growth! 

Danielle Stratuliak & Christi Hunniford of Hunni's

As one of the first few retailers to suggest Sister Sister as a Perfume Roller, Danielle and Christi of Hunni’s have constantly encouraged us to diversify our brand. These twin sisters have grown a business that empowers women to feel loved and accepted through a supportive community, online and IRL! 

Thanks Danielle and Christi for your ongoing support! 

Michelle Lui & Fatemah of Mifa & Co

From the very first time being introduced to Michelle and Fatemah from Mifa & Co, we felt their encouraging presence and support. These two women have offered so many resources and have acted as a sounding board during the last year as our small businesses navigate the parallel journey of entrepreneurial growth. Michelle and Fatemah are the perfect example of what it means to have ‘community over competition’ amongst women. 

We appreciate you both!  

 Danielle Weibe of Business Babes Collective

We’re not sure it's possible to know someone who is more selflessly in service of women than Danielle of Business Babes Collective. Danielle has been woven into our journey by her motivation to bring women together and help them rise. Our founder, Caylen is a member of Danielle’s mastermind community that brings together an intimate group of entrepreneurs. Through her passionate acts of service, she has given our business the confidence to scale in new ways. 

Thank you Danielle, for showing up as your highest self and supporting women every chance you get.



We couldn't do life without these incredible women. We encourage you take the time to honour and celebrate the women in your life this International Women's Day. 

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