Spring Summer Flora Collection

Spring is the season of new beginnings. Everything begins to come back to life; including us. It’s officially time to open the windows and doors to let in sunlight, fresh air and, of course, our favouritefresh new candle scents. 

In literature, Spring commonly represents an awakening to the freedom that comes in the Summer months. There is rebirth in the air, and we can feel it in our everyday lives. Many of us find redecorating or reorganizing our living spaces, particularly satisfying at this time of year. 

The idea of opening up our spaces to the outside world to create an indoor/outdoor living space; feels like a natural next step at this time of year. 

Imagine your dream space for the spring and summer months; what words would you use to describe it? Without a doubt, ours would be calm, fresh, bright, inviting, aromatic, botanical and herbaceous. It’s these descriptive words that have guided our newest collection. 

Meet the Flora Collection 


Orchid & Fig
Spring Soy Candles


Lemon & Lavender
Spring Soy Candles


White Sage & Eucalyptus

Spring Soy Candles

Create your Spring dream space with the Flora Collection.
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I love the Bloom! Was given it as a gift. Will it be available again?

Shelley April 06, 2023

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