Introducing the Ritual Candle Collection

Over the past few years, many of us have found ourselves seeking balance in our everyday lives. Maybe it’s the fast pace that we storm through our days, or the recent worldwide events but, practices to bring us into the present moment are more important now than ever before. 
The collective is awakening to the fact that balance is achieved through intentional daily actions. It was from this need that our Ritual Collection was born.
Ritual Collection_Soy Candle
As members of our society, we recognize the importance of carving time out of our day to focus on intention, connection, reflection and gratitude. Through these simple daily rituals, we can strike a balance between seeking greatness and enjoying what is.
Ritual Collection_Soy candle

The Ritual Collection consists of four pillars: Dawn, Sun, Dusk and Moon. We recognize that everyone expresses self-care in different ways, so these candles are simply a tool to help you sink deeper into the affirmation that is associated with that time of day. It is our hope that as you light your Ritual candle, you are reminded that we are innately designed to be in balance.

4 Pillars of The Ritual Collection

EOS (dawn); Intention

I am resilient & renewed

Eos invites you to live with intention and recognize the opportunities available to you with each new day.

Notes: Citrus +  floral; rosewood, bergamot, cassis 

 14 oz. | 70 hr burn time

SOL (sun); Connection

I am radiant & aligned

Sol invites you to connect deeply to the energies in your life that make you feel truly fulfilled.

Notes: Light citrus, deep + complex; tobacco, honeycomb, mandarin

14 oz. | 70 hr burn time

NOX (dusk); Reflection

I am aware & connected

Nox invites you to bring your awareness into the present and reflect on what is beautifully before you.

Notes: Earthy + tropical; palo santo, coconut, grapefruit

14 oz. | 70 hr burn time

LUNA (moon); Gratitude

I am grateful & grounded

Luna invites you to seek gratitude in all the experiences this life has to offer.

Notes: Wood resin, subtly smokey +warm; tonka, teakwood, leather

14 oz. | 70 hr burn time

“Founded on the belief that by creating space in our daily lives for the practice of intention, self reflection, and deeper connection - balance can be achieved. Each scent in the ritual collection is crafted to bring us back to ourselves.” 
-Canvas Candle Company's Founder, Caylen Baker

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