Fall in Love with Our Fall/Winter Collection

Cozy season is officially here, and it’s time to bring out all the cold weather comforts, including plush blankets, warm sweaters and, of course, beautiful candles. 

Fall is a great time to set your home up as a sanctuary that you will rest, recharge and release in. 

Just by looking at all the crunchy leaves outside, we can see that nature teaches us to let go and declutter during this time to set ourselves up for a successful winter. 

The warm glow of candles can be the perfect way to start and end your days. We recently launched three carefully crafted scents for this precious time of year. 

Meet Our Fall/Winter Collection

Canvas Candle Co. Fall Soy Candle

NOSTALGIA Kick the Autumn leaves aside as you let the sweet-smelling comfort of vanilla, butterscotch and nutmeg wrap you in memories of child-like nostalgia each time you walk through the door. Nestle into the cozy thoughts that remind you of the ones you love.

Canvas Candle Co. Fall Soy Candle

AFTER DARK inspires you to settle into the season as notes of freshly baked desserts drift throughout the house. After Dark creates a heartfelt connection between the crisp apples of Fall and the warm spice of a cinnamon stick. Topped off with a dark, rich berry compote, this candle accompanies a cozy evening and long-lasting memories. 

Canvas Candle Co. Fall Soy Candles

FARMHOUSE  is a weekend getaway; disconnected from the world as you’re surrounded by cypress trees, crackling sounds of the fireplace and layers of flannel keeping you warm from the brisk air. Earthy notes of Hinoki cypress, smoked amber and juniper encourage grounding moments of self-connection.

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