Limited Edition 5th Anniversary Candle

“The most important journey of our lives doesn't necessarily involve climbing the highest peak or trekking around the world. The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” - Oprah Winfrey


Canvas Candle Company is officially five years old! From a dream to a vision, to a real-life company, Canvas has come a long way in the past five years and we couldn't be more proud, grateful and excited for what’s to come. 

As we reach this milestone anniversary, we’ve taken some time to reflect on the past five years and look forward to what the future has to bring for us.

As a small business, we overcame challenges and experienced growth that brought so much joy to our souls. That growth was only possible through the support of our amazing customers and retailers. As much as this anniversary candle is a reflection and milestone for our business, it is also a symbol of gratitude to our customers and retailers. 

To our customersthank you for allowing us into your life and into your space. 

To our retailersthank you for believing in us and trusting our brand to shine within your own. 

We now get to introduce the newest edition to our Canvas candle company collection!

FIVE Anniversary Candle
Mirrored vessel to symbolize our reflection of the past five years and look forward into what’s to come.
Tobacco, Honeycomb and Mandarin. This limited-edition fragrance was custom-made for us in the UK and has been in the works for one year.
This collection has a limited number of 200 candles available.
Each vessel comes in a signed and numbered box.


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