5 Super Easy Ways to Refresh your Self Care Rituals

2022 is here, and if you're anything like us you're looking forward to a fresh, empowering start. In a recent poll on our Instagram stories, 81% of you told us that you wanted this year to be focused on small, subtle goals rather than lofty changes (afterall, aren’t we exhausted from so much change these days?). We heard you loud and clear and have compiled five of our favourite small-but-powerful rituals that you can put into practice starting today. 

These might seem like tiny, simple changes but never underestimate the power of intention and repetition. If you’re ready to have your most empowering year yet take notes to start coupling these following hacks into your rituals:

1. Sit still in silence first thing in the morning

Mornings are a great time to tune inwards and check in before the day starts. This doesn’t have to be hours; it can be just five minutes every morning to sit in silence with no distractions before the world begins. Research has found that daily time in silence can increase creativity and mental wellbeing.

canvas candle_daily ritual

2. Start and end your day with gratitude

We all know how important a gratitude practice is, but how often do we actually do it? By bookmarking your day with gratitude, you can start to train your brain to focus on the positives and manifest intentional change for your home, business, family and relationships. This can be done in many ways, such as journaling, praying, sharing with your loved one or through a 5 minute meditation. 

3. Use a candle as a timer for tasks

If you’re finding it hard to get started on a certain task, give yourself a timeframe to work on it. For example, I will work on my financial health for two hours and then stop. Instead of using the timer on your phone, create a relaxing environment by lighting a candle from our Gold Tin Collection. When the melted wax reaches the edges that marks approximately two hours.

canvas candle_vancouver soy candle

4. Mark the beginning of a self-care ritual

It’s easy to overthink a daily practicewhere will I do it? How will I fit it in? But when we get to the root of it, we don’t need a specific space or time, just any moment in any day. It can help to have the same item present at each practice to guide your focus, we suggest one of our Ritual Collection candles but even the same yoga mat, journal + pen,  or crystal will do the trick. 

5. Get outside daily

Even in the winter, when the weather is wet and cold, it’s important to get some fresh air. Going for a walk or sitting in the park is actually so important for our physical and mental health. It also allows us to break up our day, clear our minds, and re-focus on top priorities. Using the natural world as a reset button is one of the most profound practices we have to share. It’s all around us; all we have to do is use it. 

We wish you the best in 2022. Share your experiences with us and these practices on Facebook or Instagram; we would love to hear how you are incorporating rituals into your new year.

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