5 Tips to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Spring has sprung (along with our new spring summer collection), which means many of us are looking to freshen up our homes. Spring cleaning can bring about considerable satisfaction and release of the cold, dark, dreary winter months.

In addition to decluttering, spring cleaning can mean lifting the mood in your space. When we look at mood as an emotion, our sense of smell is most closely tied. In fact, 75% of our daily emotions are generated from smell…shocking right?! So, If you are looking to pump up your mood when in your space, improving the smell is a surefire way to go. 

Five Tips to Get Your Home Smelling Amazing This Spring

Lemon Juice on a Cotton Ball

Tips to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Take a small cotton ball and squeeze fresh lemon juice on it, and then place it in an open glass or jar in the fridge. Every time you open up the fridge, enjoy a fresh citrus burst.

Eucalyptus in the Shower

Tips to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Need a little home improvement in the bathroom? Tie together a few branches of eucalyptus together and hang them downwards from your showerhead. You will be pleasantly surprised once the steam starts to build in the shower how this beautiful plant comes alive. 

Open Coffee Grounds in the Freezer 

Tips to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

What is it with freezers and weird smells? Not to worry, there is a simple cure for all you coffee lovers out there. Leave coffee grounds in an open container somewhere in the freezer. The coffee grounds absorb unwanted scents and leave a comforting, familiar cafe vibe in your freezer all year round. 

Simmering Herbs on the Stove

Tips to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Simmering herbs on the stove is a beautiful way to make your home smell amazing without any chemicals. Simply add your favourite herbs or fruits to a pot of boiling water, reduce the heat to low, and let them simmer for up to three hours. Be sure to keep an eye on the stove and never leave them unattended. 


Tips to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Last, but certainly not least, is our personal favourite—candles. Candles can be placed almost anywhere in our space to improve the smell and create an inviting atmosphere. When candles emit scents, they work double-time to satisfy our senses. The favourable scent improves our mood, and the act of staring at the flame actually relaxes our eyes and mind; while calming the nervous system. So if you do one thing this spring, invest in some candles that make you happy by filling your space with a beautiful scent.

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